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In a mutual previously appointed date and time , we make a vocal and visual online joint meeting session for 10-20 minutes. During this session we can reply all of your inquiries and you can get most accurate replies for them.

1. Competence
9ekim is the Best Licensed Customs Consultancy Firm, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey, offering Customs Clearance Services for Household Goods , Personal Effects and Automobies in Turkey. Our rules and procedures are clear, you do not pay any extra fees. That’s why those who work with us are always one step ahead.

2. Specialization
All of our staff are experts and trained in their fields, and four different languages are spoken and written fluently in our company.

3. Institutionalism
We have clear and clearly defined rules. We don’t break the rules. Thanks to our experienced staff and departments, we take quick decisions and implement them.

4. Company Culture
We have a corporate culture, we treat our employees equally, we provide special trainings to improve their personal/vocational education.

5. Right Initiative
Every decision we make is tied to a business reason. We learn more as part of our job and apply what we have learned in our services.

6. Responsibility
The job description has been designed, we work with the awareness of what we will do, our duties and responsibilities. Our experience, experience and strength in big projects reveal our difference.

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Our company offers competent solutions for customs clearance and turn-key logistics of autos within temporary import system… more >

Personal Effects

Our company provides solutions for customs clearance of import, export of used or new non-commercial goods peculiar to… more >

Services for pets

Our company smoothly and quickly completes customs clearance and obtains the necessary certificates of pets such as cat, dog… more >

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Requests for commercial customs clearance, except for those within temporary import with exemption, are conveyed to our business partner, a reliable customs consultancy company which only provides customs clearance services of commercial goods.

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About Us

Our company has been operating with the permission and supervision of Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs since 1995 and is a member of Istanbul Customs Consultants Association. We emphasize that we are the one and only licenced customs consultancy company that has ISO9001 quality certificate, specialised in logistics of foreign personnel, which makes us not only professional but also reliable. Service standards of 9ekim Group of Companies are made certain by ISO9001 quality certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

I brought a bicycle for my son when I came to Turkey, do I pay tax?

No, no tax is collected for the bicycle you brought for your son.

Who else can drive my Taxfreecar® or car with triptyque apart from me?

These cars can be driven by the owner?s spouse or first degree relatives, place of residence of whom is not in Turkey Customs Area. They can also be driven by third parties provided that the owner is inside the car.

What paperwork does Turkey Customs require when I am importing my household goods during my permanent return from the USA?

In order to get permission from customs offices to import the used household goods with exemption, the owner must submit the following documents:

a) Residence transfer document from our local consulates to indicate that residence has been transferred.

b) Document from consulate to indicate that the owner has resided abroad for longer than 24 months for the passports renewed due to loss if they were not given at least 2 years ago.

c) For those who have inscription about a previous permanent return on their passports to be able to import used household goods with exemption, a document from consulate to indicate that s(he) resided abroad at least for 24 months again and then permanently returned.

d) Detailed packing list of the goods

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Here’s what just some of our clients have said

I am the Italian national CEO of Generalli Insurance Company. 9ekim performed the moving operation of my 90 cubic meter household goods when I first came to Turkey and later when I was leaving from Turkey. I have no hesitation in recommending you 9ekim, especially if you require long-distance and high-volume transportation.

Generali Sigorta A.Ş. Chairman

I thank 9 Ekim for their high quality warehouse as well as successful, smooth and solution-oriented service they provided for relocation processes, especially work permit and residence permit. I also thank the HR department of our company for cooperating with such a professional company.

General Manager
Syed Adnan Ahmed

I met 9ekim through their professional website www.taxfreecar.net. When I saw their references, I understood that it is the oldest and the most reliable company in Turkey for blue plate cars. I ordered a used VW Photeon from Germany.

Dmitry Bouskiyn
Business Development Manager

It is a pleasure to get 9ekim, given referance by Borusan Otomotiv, to perform Taxfreecar transactions since it has been quite a safe and smooth process. Thank you.

Johansen Family
Expat family in İstanbul

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