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Gümrük Müşavirliği, Uluslararası Nakliye, Taxfreecar

Our company, which is the first member of 9ekim Group of Companies, has been offering customs consultancy services to foreign trade companies since 1987.

We specialised in customs clearance related to international transportation of household goods, Taxfreecar® (also known as blue plate cars), permanent return and relocation processes in 1996 and have provided services as a licenced customs consultancy company to thousands of individuals and corporations through our multilingual professional team since then, therefore have gained a great experience. Especially all the services intended for the individuals are offered through our experienced multilingual staff within the authority of a licenced customs consultancy company without outsourcing. Commercial customs clearance is only considered on project basis if we receive demands for high capacity transactions. Requests for commercial customs clearance, except for those within temporary import with exemption, are conveyed to our business partner, a reliable customs consultancy company which only provides customs clearance services of commercial goods.

Our company has been operating with the permission and supervision of Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs since 1995 and is a member of Istanbul Customs Consultants Association. We emphasize that we are the one and only licenced customs consultancy company that has ISO9001 quality certificate, specialised in logistics of foreign personnel, which makes us not only professional but also reliable. Service standards of 9ekim Group of Companies are made certain by ISO9001 quality certificate.

Customs clearance of personal effects, exempt goods and autos is quite different than that of commercial goods and requires deep knowledge and high experience due to the fact that it carries high risks. This is why many customs clearance companies throughout the world avoid performing such operations.

9ekim completes customs clearance of personal effects, exempt goods and autos smoothly in the quickest way since it is specialized only in this field and has many years? experience. Please see our references from international companies.

Customs department of 9ekim Group of Companies offers a wide range of services for permanent return or transfer transactions upon leaving Turkey and Taxfreecar® to foreign individuals and companies, consulates and embassies. Our company, which is a member of Istanbul Customs Consultants Association and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, is performing semi-public service as a licenced customs consultancy company. Please see our References to find out more about our international customers and Services for detailed information.



According to Customs Law in Turkey, customs clearance of vehicles has to be carried out by Customs Consultancy companies, which perform semi-public service, subject to and authorised by Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs. 9ekim is the one and only company in its field of business authorised by Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Customs, specialised in customs clearance of Taxfreecar®, household goods and personal effects.

Individuals and corporations which do not have Customs Consultancy Licence cannot be authorised to perform any action in customs offices through only notarised power of attorney. In this case the owner of the vehicle as well as the corporation or individual carrying out the transactions is to be found guilty. The individuals and corporations that do not have licence are not responsible for problems such as filling in papers incorrectly, calculating taxes and delays. The owner of the vehicle is to be held responsible and to face the judicial authorities in the case of criminal situations inasmuch as only the experienced customs consultants, who have gone through a certain examination process and have the documents to prove it, and correspondingly their customs consultancy companies are authorised to carry out transactions and take responsibility in Republic of Turkey Customs Offices according to the current Customs Law.

Current Customs Law (4458 numbered Law) (04.11.1999 dated and 23866 numbered Official Gazette) and relevant law article have been submitted for your information in the following. Should you view the law article, you will understand the importance of working with the licenced and authorised companies for the customs transactions:

Job Follow-up in the Customs and Customs Consultants

ARTICLE 225- I. Activities related to subjecting the goods to a transaction or use approved by the customs are followed and completed by their owners and those acting on behalf of them through direct representation or by customs consultants through indirect representation within the frame of provisions of 5th article.

Customs Regulations (07.10.2009 dated and 27369 numbered Official Gazette)


Job Follow-up in the Customs and Customs Consultants and Customs Consultant Assistants

Job Follow-up in the Customs


(1) Every person can follow dispositions and transactions stipulated with customs regulations personally by themselves as well as

(3) Job follow-up can be performed by customs consultants having notarized power of attorney granted by owner of goods, through indirect representation in the customs offices.

Our company is specialised in and authorised for customs transactions of Taxfreecar®. It follows all the laws, notices, transferable letters of credit issued about Taxfreecar® (also called exempt car) from day to day and keeps its customers well informed about them.

After customs clearance of the vehicles is completed, information is archived in the head office by using special software. Period follow-ups are performed properly. Owner of vehicle is informed in 2 months in advance the expiration of period (Blue Card, banderol, insurance etc.) and is prevented from being exposed to any penalty.